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New beta version of Friends page, plus other features and fixes

Oh look, they're forcing through another horrible change no one wants. Joy.

(System page == won't use your theme)

Originally posted by theljstaff at New beta version of Friends page, plus other features and fixes
With the release of version 98 yesterday, the Friends page has been redesigned as a system page for all users and is now available for beta testing by everyone. As you may have already seen, there will be a link at the top of your Friends page allowing you to switch between the new and old versions throughout the beta testing period.

For full information on this redesigned page, plus other new features and bug fixes, please see this post in the lj_releases community. Thank you!
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Twitter Updates for 2012-06-24

  • A Virus Called TOM (PC): Starts out amazing, then quickly falls victim to the fallacy that tedious challenge is good challenge. Skip. #
  • Quantum Condundum (PC): Fun, amusing, worth getting. Flawed though: too many tedious jumping puzzles and Q needed more takes at his lines. #

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Livejournal screws up: episode n+1

vanya_elda on journalelfen: “Several users are able to see the f-locked and the private entries of other users/communities… [also the pages to] edit profiles, edit journal information/settings, managing userpics, and even checking your message inbox.”

Apparently it was just a “quickly resolved” bug that caused “the system [to] issue cached pages from the users who most recently visited the same page”. Sucks, but everyone makes mistakes, right?

Except it apparently went on for a lot longer than the officially stated “3 minutes”.

Except LJ has made a habit of screwing up.

And finally: Except the fact that it’s possible to screw up in this way belies bad design.

Why is private data even touching a caching system in the first place? A cache provides no benefit whatsoever for user-specific content, and that this even happened suggests the design is enough of a hackjob they *can’t* avoid caching it.

Bonus: The same update apparently broke the utilities people use to dump all their posts as a first step in moving to another site.

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Twitter Updates for 2011-10-22

  • RAGE (PC) final impression: Merely okay. Middling port of a merely okay console FPS. Some fun, but wait until it's <$20. #
  • It's a pity id Software's lost their way. They defined the genre, but since Quake II they've slowly drifted into B-team status. #

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